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Hiring a lawyer to manage every aspect of your case can be expensive. We know.  That’s why we offer various services to assist clients who want to represent themselves in their case.  Whether it’s negotiating a separation agreement or helping you navigate the court process, we are here to help you obtain a favourable result in your case.

Some of the services we offer to self-represented clients are as follows:

  1. Helping you prepare your court documents. Maybe you need help drafting a specific court document or a number of them.
  2. Attending one or more court appearances with you. Maybe you want to hire us for a specific court appearance in your case.
  3. Legal advice while at Court. You can hire us to be on-call in case you need legal advice over the phone while at Court.
  4. Litigation Coach – maybe you want ongoing advice from time to time during the course of your court case in which you are representing yourself. We can coach you through the court process.
  5. Negotiation of a Separation Agreement and Legal Advice in relation to a Separation Agreement. We can be in the background answering questions you have about a separation agreement or negotiation of a separation agreement or your legal rights/obligations in relation to a separation. All the while, you would be the one directly negotiating with your ex-spouse or his/her lawyer.

These are just a few examples of ways we can help a self-represented client. This is called a limited-scope retainer.  Basically, the client is in charge of managing his/her entire case, and simply hires us for a specific purpose or task, or a number of them as requested by the client.  Clients save in legal fees, but still obtain legal support and advice which can help clients to represent themselves and obtain a favourable result in their case.

If you are interested in discussing ways that we can assist you to represent yourself in your legal case please call us to book a no-obligation consultation at 705-302-3696.

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