Travel Consent Letters for Children

Written By Allison R. McAlpine

A travel consent letter is a letter signed by the non-travelling parent(s) consenting to another adult travelling to another country with his/her child.   The travel consent letter should be signed in front of a notary (i.e., notarized).  The risk of not having a proper travel consent letter in place is that the child is refused entry to the destination country.  A travel consent letter can be relatively inexpensive to get notarized.

Both Allison McAlpine and Kara-Lynne Chapman are notaries and can notarize your travel consent letter for a flat fee of $40.00. A good example of a travel consent letter can be found at

If you would like to book an appointment with Kara or Allison to have the consent letter notarized, please fill out the form that can be found in the link and contact our office to book the appointment.

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