Luna – Our Office Mascot

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Written by Kara-Lynne Chapman

On a warm September day, I ventured out to the woods at the Tiffin Conservation Centre for a walk. To keep my heart-rate elevated, I was listening to a true crime podcast while enjoying the peace and solitude the trees offered.  It was near the property line, with no one else in sight, that I ran into a wizard, cape and all.  Happily, it turns out that the wizard was simply part of a cos-play group that were enacting some sort of battle but I was unnerved all the same.  Upon relaying this story to my husband, it was quickly decided that we would adopt a dog.

After deciding that the dog available at the Barrie SPCA would be better suited to a family without cats or kids, I began searching other SPCA sites online. It was on the Orangeville site that I found Luna (or, Quilt, as she was then called).  They had two pictures of Luna playing outside and one taken the day she arrived at the shelter, her face full of porcupine quills.  Even with quills piercing her tongue and nostrils, she looked happy.

I emailed the Orangeville SPCA to ask whether she was still available and to ask about her personality to ensure that our home would be appropriate. I was assured, more than once, that Luna is a sweetheart.  I drove to Orangeville the next day and immediately fell in love with her.  She sat quietly and looked at me with her warm brown eyes.  The staff member I spoke to told me how much she would miss Luna once she was adopted.  I was informed that Luna had been adopted then returned about a week later because of her destructive behaviour stemming from separation anxiety.  Despite this caution, I had no hesitation in bringing her home.

Luna has quickly become not only a valued member of our family, but also a wonderful mascot in our office. Her separation anxiety issues have all but disappeared and she is quite happy now to wander out to greet clients as they arrive.  Scratch her ears or rub her belly and she’ll be your friend for life!  She is a quiet and calming presence and enjoys getting to make friends with our clients and the lovely Purolator lady who always has treats on hand.

Luna sits in on my meetings with clients. Not to worry though, she takes solicitor/client privilege very seriously and has never spilled a secret.

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