Pension Division During a Divorce

Pension Division During a Divorceof columns

Written by Allison McAlpine Typically, in a marriage, the largest assets a couple owns are the matrimonial home and a pension(s). When a client has a pension they often express a concern of having to give half of their pension to their ex-spouse.  When a client’s spouse has a pension they often express a hope […]

Severing the Joint Tenancy – Separation, Death and Property

Written By Allison R. McAlpine Severing Joint Tenancy – Real Estate If spouses hold real estate together as joint tenants on title to the property (e.g., the matrimonial home, or any other piece of real estate), then if one of the spouses die, the other spouse gets the property outright. This is known as “right of […]

Equalization – What is It and How is It Calculated?

Written By Allison R. McAlpine In Ontario, equalization refers to property (assets and debts) division for married spouses only. This does not apply to common-law couples (i.e., couples who cohabit but do not marry). Generally, for each spouse, the following calculation is completed: add up all of the assets that the spouse owned on the […]